One’s Company, Two’s A Crowd, Six Is A PartyOne’s Company, Two’s A Crowd, Six Is A Party

One's Company, Two's A Crowd, Six Is A Party.
Annika Kahrs & Nguyen Phuong-Dan – Fleetstreet Theater Residency
May – July 2020, Fleetstreet Theater, Hamburg

Under the title One’s Company, Two’s A Crowd, Six Is A Party., Annika Kahrs and Nguyen Phuong-Dan invite six international artists representing the fields of dance, literature, visual arts and music to a 10-day residency. During their stay, the artists are able to work on their respective projects freely and without any specific requirements or results. As soon as the public health situation allows, a public program with all participants will be organised. The dates will be announced on the website of the Fleetstreet Theater and its newsletter.
The participants are musicians Jessica Ekomane and Frieder Butzmann, artist group Shroom! (Gesa Troch, Saskia Senge and Marvin Moïses Almaraz Dosal) visual artist Annika Kahrs, author Merle Kröger and choreographer and dancer Lina Gómez.