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Nguyen Phuong-Dan graduated in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Hamburg and in Visual Communications with a focus on documentary photography from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg.
He works on a project-specific basis in various fields, as a music curator and initiated dispari – a label and platform for all kinds of auditory publications and performances at various places.
Under the name of Phuong-Dan he works internationally as a DJ. His all-embracing selection and boundary-breaking sets have earned him a wide recognition in the most eclectic spheres of dance music. Almost two decades as a resident of the Golden Pudel Club and a sincere passion for digging have made him a seasoned figure of the all-goes DJing. A good example of the latter are the Gatto Musculoso nights he hosts in Hamburg since 2003, which have seen through the years artists of every shape and size.

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